The Norval Sovereign African Art Prize celebrates the practices of leading contemporary artists from Africa and its diaspora and is a collaboration between Norval Foundation and The Sovereign Art Foundation. It grants the shortlisted artists an exhibition, as well as a separate solo exhibition for the winner, and awards financial prizes of R 525 000 South African Rand. It also aims to raise significant funds for the short listed artists and for Norval Foundation’s Educational Programme in an equal split.

"Our partnership with The Sovereign Art Foundation epitomises the power of collaboration to achieve shared goals. Working together, we aim to further arts education across the continent, developing important resources for learners and educators, while also fostering opportunities for leading contemporary artists. The resources generated through this collaboration will go to the selected artists and Norval Foundation’s Education Programme."

Owen Martin

"The Sovereign Art Foundation has been running art prizes in Asia, Europe and the Middle East since 2003. In this time, we have showcased some of the greatest artists working in those regions and have made some amazing discoveries, whilst raising over US$9M to assist disadvantaged children using the therapeutic benefits of art. Since our first initiative in Africa in 2012, we have sought to establish a significant art prize for Africa and its diaspora, where some of the most exciting and innovative art is currently being produced. In joining our expertise and experience together with that of the prestigious Norval Foundation, we are realising a long-held ambition to give these artists the recognition and platform they deserve, whilst raising substantial funds for arts education in Africa."

Founder and Chairman of SAF

Howard Bilton